PT BAHTERA ADHIGUNA (Persero) continuity business services
Company Overview
Includes company background, business development company, vision and mission, cultural of company, executive leadership, quality policy, corporate governance (GCG), human resources, corporate partners and contact us. More info ....

Services Company
Bussiness activities of Bahtera Adhiguna are Shipping line, Shipping Agency, Sea Forwarding (EMKL), Ship Maintenance, Cargo Loading-Unloading, and other services related to sea transportation and agencies. More info ....

Ship Owned Fleets
The Company own many vessels by self unloading, bulk vessel, tugs and barges, cargo vessel, with supported the crews who has a certificate and training during their service on board. More info ....

Branch Offices
Bahtera Adhiguna have many branch offices that spread in the waters of Indonesia (near the ports) to implement the activities related to sea transportation services. More info ....

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